The Siberian Husky is a lovely dog breed with a thick coat and comes in a variety of colours and markings. Their blue or multi-coloured eyes, as well as their stunning facial masks, contribute to the beauty of this Siberian strain. They are friendly dogs and prefer cold climate to thrive. Huskies are an extremely social breed that can readily socialise with both humans and other dogs. They get along well with the family and children and have strong personality. They are quite energetic and like to travel around a lot. They don’t bark much and instead make a charming howling sound to express their feelings.

The Siberian Husky can survive in India if they are born as the Siberian puppy and adapted to the humid climate of the country. The Siberian Husky is becoming popular in India and is among the top 10 dog breeds in India. If you want to purchase a Siberian Husky in Delhi or Noida, you should consider Dream Pet as they are the best breeders in town that promise healthy and the best in quality Siberian Husky. Check their website or visit the store to reveal the price of Siberian puppy in Delhi and the price of Siberian puppy in Noida.

Can Husky survive in India?

Siberian Husky have a wolf-like appearance that imparts them a serious look, but in reality, they are very playful and jovial. Since India is a tropical country with a hot and humid climate, Indian households should take special care of the Husky who is the native of a cold place Siberia. What you need to do is keep your AC on from time to time so that it is easier for the dog or the puppy to regulate its body temperature.

Ways to take care of Siberian Husky

All dogs require care and grooming from time to time. The cost of Siberian Husky in India can be high owing to its diet and the hair shedding routine. These blue-eyed puppies are so adorable that taking their care comes out to be a lot of fun. Lets us see how you can maintain the well being of your dog through the following steps:

  • Grooming- The Siberian Husky has a thick multiple coat layer and a potential amount of fur that sheds a lot. You need to comb the fur regularly for better fur quality. Huskies are involved in self-cleaning like the cats, so bathing once a month would be adequate. Keep an eye out for paws that may have been hurt while walking on the roadways or the rough terrain.
  • Outdoor exercise- Huskies are very energetic dogs and love playing all the time. Take your dog for a walk outside when the temperature is cold. Do not go for regular walking, or exercise during days when the humidity is high. Check for the signs of overheating of the dog and give it a nice swimming session or let it play in ice water.
  • Food habits- You should feed your Husky with food rich in protein and fat during winters and switch to low fat and a low protein diet during summers. Try not to give any food right after the exercise session because that might lead to bloating, wait for at least 30 minutes. Provide a sufficient amount of water all day as hydration is essential to maintain the inner body temperature.
  • Train your Husky- Start training your Husky at a very young age as they are known for being escapers. Wherever you train them, make sure that the ground is fully fenced and no other animal can enter there. You must keep your dog controlled, train it to respond to your directions instantly, and provide outlets for its energy in order to handle your dog’s natural urge to hunt. Start practising the recall as soon as possible if you want your dog to respond to your commands instantly.

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