Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu

  • Place of Origin: Male
  • Neutered: Tibet
  • Group of dogs: Toy dog
  • Weight: 4 to 7 kgs
  • Height: 8 to 11 inches
  • Life span 11 to 12 years

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No less of a royal this little dog gets its name Shih Tzu which means little lion not from its nature but due to its beautiful mane which does look a bit like those of the lions. They, however, are not hunter types but are more of the lover dog types. They are completely happy-go-lucky type dogs and hence make it more special for a dog owner to own them. With their long flowing hair and oh so cute eyes they are the most affectionate, playful, and most loyal dogs you can ever find. Trying to look for a small buddy for your children then here is the Shih Tzu dog breed on sale at DreamPet. You will love the way they behave inside the house and the way they act. Purchase one for you and your family now! The following characteristics also claim as to why Shitzu is one of the perfect dogs you can have.


All the Shih Tzu digs want to do is sit by your side and be happy. They love sitting beside their owners and trying to grab their owners’ attention. They are not the type to run around a lot or play a round of fetch. Though some exercise will definitely be good to help them stay active. This also means that they are not completely a couch potato but they will definitely bark is there are strange things happening around.


Shih Tzu makes for the perfect apartment-type dogs. Hence you need not worry if you do not have a large yard or garden. They also need not take up much space and hence is quite manageable. They also do not need too much of exercise. During the summer season, it is advisable to keep an air conditioner on as it can be prone to heatstroke due to the flat face structure.


They have long luxurious coats and also come in several colors including black, gray and white, red and white, and even in black and white. A small tail is their characteristic feature. The long hair on their head also makes them quite a fashion icon. It is also seen that the length of their body is much larger than the height itself. They have large dark eyes which makes them adorable to look at.

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