• Place of Origin: China
  • Group of dogs: Toy dog
  • Weight: 6 to 8 kgs
  • Height: 8 to 12 inches
  • Life span: 7 to 8 years

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You know it as the “Vodafone dog” more than its name itself! Pugs are the adaptable type and get adjusted even if it’s a small space. They are also known as the clowns of the canine world as they have a great sense of humor apart from showing off the best of themselves. They are more of the attention-grabbing dogs. They are definitely not the type of run-around. All they love to do is be a good loyal lap dog and spend most of their time indoors. They have a stubborn side to themselves even though they are quite enjoyable and playful. They are the right choice for you to buy dogs online if you are looking for an easygoing pup.

It is the face of the pug dogs which makes them so loveable and comic type. They smile a lot and also make others smile with their silliness and playfulness. Pugs also have certain beauty spots on their body with a clear thumb-like mark on their forehead. Training is also recommended to keep them under control. However, with trained trainers at DreamPet, you can stay assured as you can get an assured training program with the owners being included.

Pugs are also known to shed a lot even though they have a short fur coat and have hardly any hair thickness. They are also very greedy when it comes to food and hence weight maintenance is a problem for most.


Pugs are one of the extremely friendly dogs for children and for adults alike. It is their small size and their low activity level that makes them perfect apartment dogs. They are vicious and fun at the same time. They make sure they are beside them at all times. They might also crack a joke in order for you to smile while it might just be their actions. They are really eager to be social and are not so affected by other animals’ appearance.


They are happy to be indoor and are one happy puppy dog. But with that comes loud snoring which can be overcome by going on walks often. They are great with small kids. They, however, cannot be the hunter type, and expecting them to play fetch can be quite difficult. Sitting on the lap of their owners is their favorite place. Hence, they do make a great first-time pet experience.


They have a relatively small body with not much fur coat and hence the shedding seen in these dogs is lower. They have a black nose and deep wrinkles which is also considered of high position especially because of their meaning in Chinese letter which gives the meaning ‘prince’.

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