• Place of Origin: Canada
  • Group of dogs: Gundog
  • Weight: 25 to 34 kgs
  • Height: 21 to 24 inches
  • Life span: 11 to 12 years

Buy or Purchase Labrador Dog and Puppy Online Delhi Noida Ghaziabad

Labrador dog breed also commonly called as the lab dog is quite a friendly companion you can buy for yourself and your family. They are more commonly known for their help provided to fishermen o haul nets, and retrieve fishes from the chilled weather of the North Atlantic.

They are hard-working, loyal and even has a good nature and are one among the most popular breed among the dog owners. It is not only famous among dog owners but is also quite famous among those who do not know much about dogs. They are muscular and have a strong build as they were meant for sport and athletic activities. The intelligence level of a Labrador also makes it one of the dogs that are owned by military personnel. The Labrador breed of dogs is quite lovable and are considered to be a part of the family itself and are also quite good with children. One can also call them angels! The sweet nature of these dogs makes them best friends of even the elderly and hence helping them overcome a lot of disabilities or problems. Looking for a site where you can get Labrador on sale then here is DreamPet where you can purchase Labradors at the best of prices.


One of the most versatile and docile dogs, they are friendly and are also good to the kids in the house. Definitely, one of the best pets for you to raise at home. They are both fun and loyal at the same time. They also make sure that your safety remains their first priority and looks after any strange happenings or intruders. Plenty of exercises, however, will be recommended for this breed and they will be very happy and might even flash a beautiful smile to you at the end of a tiring day. It is also recommended to keep a track of their weight.


Labradors love pleasing their owners and are quite adaptable to any sort of environment.  While they are good during the cold times, they work well even during the summer times. However, be sure to give them a cold icy bath during the summer times to make sure they stay ta the best of their health. Labradors are the apartment-type dogs and hence you can keep them inside your house. However, weight maintenance is one thing to keep in mind.


An adult Labrador dog has a broad chest and has a short-leveled back. Their amazing smell senses make them one of the top choices for military purposes. With puppy-like eyes, they will keep you enchanted always! They also have thick fur coats which might need some maintenance but there is no worry when you take them to the water as they can easily be throw off the water on them due to the water-resistant coats.

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