Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

  • Place of Origin Scotland
  • Group of dogs: Sporting dog
  • Weight: 25 to 36 kgs
  • Height: 20 to 24 inches
  • Life span: 11 to 12 years

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A big bundle of joy well that is what we would like to call the golden retriever. This breed of dogs is one of the top wanted breeds among a lot of people around the world. They are golden, they are playful, they are everything in between being intelligent to being loyal. Their beauty terms have no ends! With such a lively dog in your house, it is hard to keep yourself from spending at least 4 to 5 hours with your dog while enjoying a world outside the digital computers. It is mostly up to the age of three to four years that one can see the dogs being highly playful and silly while a lot of people love this silliness, they can be sometimes quite annoying. People used to buy them as they were originally bred for hunting down prey without leaving any teeth marks to help their owners win the rewards. Hence, they need special care which includes walking them down the streets everyday apart from playing a game of fetch every day. As tiring as it sounds, you definitely need to spend some energy while looking after this wonderful breed of Golden Retriever. They also shed profusely and hence you need to make sure you are looking after their skin and fur coat conditions. While it might seem that they are watchdogs when they start barking at a stranger but don’t you count on that as they might wag their tail and they give off a smile even to a stranger! DreamPet, however, makes sure that your dogs get the best of training, and hence purchasing them online through us can be a benefit for you!


They know nothing more than being a happy little pup inside the house and having a full energetic run outside your house. They are also sweet and calm once they cross the age of three or four. They are also meant to work with other people and try their best at making their owners happy. Also, just like most of the dogs, you need to make sure you train them adequately so that they do not misbehave in front of others.


They love outdoor walks and runs and hence they are more prone to stay outside than inside your house. Taking them out twice for walks even for about 20 or 30 minutes will do the job.


The Golden Retrievers have sturdy and straight shoulders which keeps them quite strong while running around. The brown oval eyes just add on to their adoring nature. They have a water-resistant fur coat and hence make for a thick fur coat to handle.

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