Exotic Shorthair cats

Exotic Shorthair

Fluffy is a very sweet and active dog, she is ready for a new home!

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Do not go on the grump look on their face as they are twice as cute and playful as compared to their looks! This breed was produced by crossbreeding Persian cats with American shorthairs. They were later on crossbred with other cat breeds as well which has created their own line of legacy now! You can have almost the same characteristics as found in the Persian cats but these Exotic shorthair cat breeds are fluffier with easy care fur coats. They are both sweet and quiet in nature and hence you will not find someone making trouble in the house! You also do not need to worry about petting them all the time as they can play on their own as well when you are quite busy or can’t dedicate your time, well, now this can be considered as a plus point to all those busy days.

The Exotic shorthair cat breeds are more inclined to the soft-spoken side and hence sometimes it is hard to hear them purr even when they are right beside you but their voice definitely has a musical tone to it which makes it soothing to listen to as well. One of the most distinct features that set it aside for other cats is that these cats have a short height and do not grow too tall. You can almost consider them as your plush toy but do be careful of their scratches!!

1. Color:

With a range of attractive colors and designs, you can have your own color and type chosen from a variety of colors such as white, blue, black, tabby, and other colors. You can also have a variety of eye color ranges ranging from blue-green to green colors with even shiny copper eye color which again depend s on the fur coat color as well.

2. height:

The Bengal cats are shorter than their parent breed which are the Persian cats and only grow up to 12 inches.

3. Weight:

They might weigh quite a bit due to their thick fur coat apart from the dense bones. However, the weight is not actually due to the body fat hence you need not make them o a lot of exercises to have them lose weight! The body weight can go up to 15 pounds.

4. Food:

A high amount of protein-rich food is a must. While they also enjoy various homemade food and hence you can also provide good homemade food. You can also include chicken, tuna, and other fishes in their diet.

5. Toys:

You might need to keep a scratchpad and a scratch poll at your home because that will be one of the past times these cats love. You might find a piece of destroyed furniture if you do not provide proper toys to them.

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