Bengal Cats

Bengal Cats

Bengal cats are known for their rowdy personality. If you are looking for an obedient and meek cat with a playful character, Bengal cats are certainly a great companion. They love to chase, climb, and investigate every little thing happening around.

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With quite a rowdy nature you are up for quite a playful and an obedient cat with one of the most beautiful cat furs you might ever see! These cats are great friends in need and they just love to climb on sofas, chase toy cars and even investigate the smallest of things around them. With the patch pattern on their fur coats, these Bengal cats are one of the best sweet felines breeds you can have for yourself. With a meek and obedient personality, you can just say that they are quite playful and there is no end to their playfulness. One thing you need to know is that when buying Bengal cats,you need to dedicate your time as they are the most attention-seeking cats ever! They will even get over your laptops while you work just to be caressed and if you think it wills top here then, you might want to free your schedule beforehand! Not only are they one of the high attention-seekers but they are also one of the most troublemakers in the household. You find a pot fallen over;well, the reason is right here! But don’t you worry as having good toys in the house to play with will keep them occupied and hence less trouble for you as well. They like it when they are taken out to play, unlike other cats who like to stay indoors. Bengal cats want to play most of the time!

1. Color:

One of the peculiarities in its fur coat is that not only is the design fascinating but is also quite majestic and unlike other cats, it has a more feline characteristic being displayed. You can get them in various colors like seal sepia, seal mink with cream and white background apart from which one can also get seal silver, black silver tabby. Those Bengal cats with a white background are also called as the ‘snow’ Bengal cats due to their fluffy white fur coat. There is also a variety in the patterns found on the cats like spotted patterns and other marbled patterns.

2. Height:

It can vary anywhere between 8 to 10 inches.

3. Weight:

A large Bengal cat can weigh anywhere from eight to fifteen pounds and it is the male breed that weighs more than the females.

4. Food:

You need to find food thatis rich in protein that will keep the high-spirited cats at their best of energy. You can choose the Pro Plan True nature and other wet foods for high protein content.

5. Toys:

Make sure you get the cars to chase around or even wind-up toys will do the work.

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