• Place of Origin: England
  • Group of dogs: Hound
  • Weight: 6to 8 kgs
  • Height: 11 to 12 inches
  • Life span 13 to 14 years

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One of the breeds that all people love and consider an adorable member of their family. They are small, compact, and are very healthy for a reed, and make a wonderful companion. One of the main aspects is their eyes which give off a hype beat and a happy-go-lucky feel. They are also considered to be full of energy and are lively. They do not show aggression and are also really good with other animals in the house. While this is their meek nature side, they also have a stubborn side to them where you need to have a creative training technique and are also needed to be patient with them. They have a strong-smelling nose and hence if they find any interesting small, they just follow it along. They were mostly bred for their strong-smelling capabilities as they could easily track down a rabbit or hare down the lane. Buying a beagle would mean that you have just fallen for its beautiful charms and eyes so why not contact Dream Pet now and get a beagle delivered to you right at your doorstep! Here are some characteristics you might want to consider before purchasing a beagle.


They are not the types to just sit in a corner of the house but are the types to run around the chance they get to do so. They love going on runs and walks outside the house and are also really loving and are considered as a family member itself. Apart from their meek nature, they are also quite stubborn at times as they are also quite intelligent which just makes them more confident in making their own decisions.


Suitable for both large as well as apartment type houses. This breed is happy where its owners are. They work great for the apartment-type dogs due to their small and compact size which makes them easy to fit in. However, you need to make sure you provide adequate exercise or they may become destructive and hyperactive inside the house. They are loud dogs and hence their howling might disturb you at night. Make sure you keep a track of them as a small distinct smell and then they seem to wander off by themselves without even you noticing it has gone.


They are in the small dog breed category and hence won’t go beyond a specified height. However, they might put on weight easily without the proper exercise of workouts. Hence making sure they get at least 20 to 30 minutes of exercise is a must. They have short paws and legs which lets them run swiftly. Their nose and ear work in coordination when they find a distinctive smell and hence allowing them to run around easily.

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