Persian Cats for Sale in Chandigarh

One of the most beautiful & calm breeds found in cats is the Persian cat breed. Having an origin from Iran, these cats are favoured by a lot of cat people. They are known as the large hair breed of cats due to their large muzzles and their thick flowing fur coat. Persian cats have one of the melodious voices which distinguish them from other cats.

These cats are perfect if you need a friend. However, with the friendly nature also comes the health problems where hereditary polycystic kidney disease is highly prevalent in the breed and has affected almost half of the population.

They need to be timely vaccinated as they are open to many diseases such as Rabies, Calicivirus and Panleukopenia. Persian cats are known for the heavy hairs which become the reason for the host of various bacterias. So, they need regular and proper baths to keep them away from any bacterias. In Chandigarh, there are various good veterinarian doctors who can give them vaccines regularly and keep them disease free.  

So, make sure to purchase kittens from the trusted place whose priority is their utmost care.

Dream Pet makes sure to take every precaution to build the customer’s life happier by taking care of the kitten in a hygienic environment. Here is a place where you can purchase Persian cats in Chandigarh with great satisfaction. We have a team who will guide you with all the precautions you need to take for a healthy cat. We have healthy & high quality Persian cats who can fill your heart & home with happiness.

Dream pet takes all the necessary precautions & guidelines for proper breeding of cats. Persian cats for sale in Chandigarh are prominent but following strict guidelines is difficult but we do it every time as we believe every life is important and precious.

Persian cats are for sale in Chandigarh with different colours, sizes, shapes, and heights.


Available from dark to light such as white, black, brown, fawn, bi-colour, calico, ginger, tabby, grey.


Male Persian Cat-11”-15”

Female Persian Cat- 10”-14”


On an average their weight is between 7-12 pounds but as there is tendency to gain weight. It requires monitoring their weight through proper nourishment and adding daily physical activities.

If you have any queries related to the purchase or adoption of Persian cats, then you can contact us freely. Dream Pet’s team will provide complete assistance at every step and aware you with the right kind of product Persian cats require. 

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