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DreamPet is more of a family than an organization that loves and looks after puppies and kittens. We at DreamPet make sure that the cats and dogs get the homes they deserve and the love they need is provided to them. DreamPet was established on the foundation of trust, confidence, and transparency that we provide our customers who love their pets. This also makes your search for new friends quite easy and convenient.

We at DreamPet make sure your pets get only high standard treatments and care and hence we only keep all the vets and health providers with the best of knowledge here. So that there is no problem for your pets even when they are staying here. The comfort of cats and dogs also remains as our top priority for which we do not make any compromises. With the highest standards being held up we make sure that the health and safety of your pets are being looked after.

One cat here is not similar to the other and the same applies to dogs which makes them individuals with different characteristics and to treat them all with the same method is quite not possible. But here at DreamPet, we make sure each and every Cat and Dog get their own needs fulfilled with our personalized training and personalized food provision. Respect for such individuals is also held up high by our community and hence no treatment which makes the cat or dog uncomfortable will be tolerated and allowed to be performed within the premises.

We not only make sure our pets are happy but we also care about each and every precious customer and provide them and their companions only the best in market services. We also give them help through our forums whenever and wherever they need help with their pets.

Being a platform filled with pet lovers, DreamPet gives opportunities that connect both the pets and the people together and bring them as one under the community.

We keep professionals who have about 50+ and more years of experience.
We provide cash on delivery facilities.

We also keep you updated with the latest of information regarding pet care and about us.

We provide deliveries all over India which means you need not come to our store to get your pet!


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